Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who are we anyway?

Introducing the crew heading for the West Coast:

Loulou ('Fruity')
The matriarch, beautiful and knows it. Loves to hunt feather toy thingy in the middle of the night and wake everyone up.

Mini Me ('Minimusso')
Picked up as a tiny orphan kitten, very astute with technology and finances, and a loyal nap partner.

Jeffrey ('Jefe')
Also rescued as a tiny kitten. Saved by his phenomenally loud miaow. Trained to headbutt and jump onto shoulders.

Curtis ('The Gannet')
Wily street cat who moved into the house with anyone barely even noticing. Bit of a bruiser and the world's greatest eater and sleeper.

Bertie ('The Colonel')
Sunny boy who loves to 'sing' and snuggle. Was the longest resident shelter dog (3.5 years) when we got him out and has rewarded us a thousand times over ever since.

Roxy ('Koikkis')
Grew up in the shelter (2 years), scared of everything when she first got out. Still barks and pretends to snarl at 'intruders', but is really just a pussycat who wants to lie in bed all day.

Louis ('Nutty')
The resident basketcase, very likely he was abused at some point. Very clever and affectionate, if totally neurotic. But improving daily. Loves yoga and is very bendy.

Daisy ('Parker')
Found on the street skeletal and with chemical burns on her legs. Sharp as a tack, supremely energetic, likes to gather things and help carry the shopping/newspaper/laundry/keys.

Spencer & Finlay
('Uspensky' & 'Finnski')

More wily street cats who somehow knew to move in VERY soon after George (big tabby, Loulou's brother) crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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