Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kitty smörgåsbord

For weeks on end we held our breath every time Jeffrey sniffed at a dish of food. Many times he would look like he wanted to eat, but then would not. We suspect that was because he felt nauseous. Seems CRF cats suffer from acid in the stomach as the kidneys are less efficient at removing toxins. The vet prescribed famotidine which helped to an extent, but what really seemed to work was us, trailing Jeffrey around the house with a zillion dishes of different food all day long. When he finally started to lick some gravy, we stood stock still and kept the other cats away to ensure that absolutely nothing distracted him.
When he later
actually started eating solids, we were jubilant. Even now, every time he eats, it feels like a major victory. Now he eats little and often. He even has his very own open buffet, which sometimes the other cats (and dogs, when we're not looking) like to visit (Curtis in this case, see pic left). In addition, we still present different types of food to him all day long, and he usually eats at least some of it. It's so much more than we ever could have hoped for. Long may it continue.

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