Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the vet...

Curtis was not happy when he didn't get to go outside at 5.30am today. Even a dish of tuna would not placate him. We had to keep him in cos otherwise he'd disappear for the day. Anyway, we got him to the vet for his appointment at 8.15am and he behaved immaculately, which is pretty amazing given that he's a street cat we couldn't even get near, much less touch, this time last year. Thanks Curtis, you went a long way to restoring the family honour that Louis totally wrecked with his little performance last Friday!

So now all four dogs and six cats are up to date with their vax and can travel 30 days from now. Yes, that includes Spencer and Finlay. As we've done absolutely nothing about rehoming them, it looks like they are coming too. Note to self: buy two more cat travel boxes. Their flight is booked for mid-August and so are the kennels where they'll need to spend a few days while we get the house packed up and before they travel. They are so gonna hate the upheaval but hopefully it's all gonna be worth it in the end. We're gonna travel the day before so we can be at LAX the next day to greet them. That's gonna be exciting! Got to rent a big van for that...


  1. We see so many animals in shelters because people are moving, usually just to another town or state. Not that we ever have any sympathy for these people whatsoever, but after reading about your move ACROSS CONTINENTS with not one animal but 10 (did I get that right?), oh watch out the next time somebody says to us "We can't keep Fluffy because we are moving..." GRRRRR! We'll be throwing your story in people's faces quite a bit =)


    Shawnee the Shepherd

  2. Yes 10 it is! There's no excuse whatsoever to leave your animals behind, that's not an option for us. We knew it would happen one day so have planned and saved accordingly over the last few years. Thanks for commenting :-)