Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traumatic vet visit, as expected

Just taken Louis and Daisy to the vet for their annual vax. Been dreading it for months and they did not disappoint! To be fair, the vet made them wait for half an hour which didn't help, but anyway... We managed to muzzle Daisy which made her very subdued and we were able to lift her onto the table and get her jabbed in a matter of seconds.

Louis was a different story of course. The muzzle was too tight so I couldn't do it up fast enough, by which time he was snarling and freaking out. Tried a few more times but he got worse and worse. We didn't want anyone to get bitten to we decided to try it without. He calmed down inside the vet which was fortunate, but he was still terrified. Luckily our vet Malcolm is so cool! Two of us managed to hold him at the front end while Malcolm jabbed him at the back end. Louis snarled and struggled like hell, but we held firm and it was done, again, very quickly. Only not before Louis had emptied not only his anal glands but also his entire bowel contents all over the floor. It was like fine spray and went absolutely everywhere, including all up our legs! Poor Nutty, he was so frightened. I'll never forgive that bastard Dr Wolf at Jumeirah Vet last year who terrified the living daylights out of Louis and Daisy and ensured that every vet visit from then on has been hell on earth. If you want to find a vet who has no concept of how to handle or approach a nervous, frightened dog, you can find him here. On the other hand
, if you want vets who are confident, competent and empathetic, go here.

Anyway, the point is, it's done for another year. What a relief!!! And all things considered,
it went much better than it did last year. Now we can relax for a while. Or at least till we
take them to the air freighters to be measured for their dog boxes next week...

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