Monday, August 31, 2009

And they're off

We tried to keep things as 'normal' as possible right up until the time when the cats and dogs were collected by DKC, so got up early as usual, fed the cats and take the dogs out. The cats were very unhappy at not being allowed to go out, but we obviously couldn't risk them disappearing for the day! At 8.40am DKC called to say they'd arrive for the pick up in about 30 minutes. The moment we'd been dreading. So I started to get the cats into their boxes which went faster than I thought it would, but was highly stressful for them. Finlay tried to rip his way through the metal grid door, and joined Spencer and Curtis crying his head off. Jeffrey was rudely awoken from his cosy slumber and shoved into his box, and joined in the chorus. Loulou was easy to handle as always, but very scared, and Mini Me had figured out something was going on and was hiding on top of a cupboard. I had to coax her down and grab her, quickly stuffing her into her box. Amazing how strong those little cats can be!

Of course, at all the noise and commotion, the dogs were barking and howling which didn't help the cats' stress levels. Then the DKC guy arrived and started loading the dog boxes into the van. Luckily the dogs were so hyper it was easy to get them outside and on their leads before they had a chance to think too much. I started with nervous boy Louis who, amazingly jumped straight into the van and straight into his box. Next was Daisy, who put the brakes on, as expected. She was so scared, poor thing. In the end I took her back from the guy, walked her past the van, and then back the other way and got her to quickly jump in before she had a chance to think properly. Next was Roxy who was surprisingly easy, and then Bertie who was also easy, predictably. Next it was time to load the cats and before I knew it we were done and they were off.

They were so bewildered, it was heartbreaking seeing their little faces. Poor Louis was shaking like a leaf and they were all so overwhelmed. The house is so quiet and empty without them. I see and hear them everywhere, even though they are not here. By now, they should have finished their vet check at the Ministry Vet and be 'relaxing' in the kennels. They go to the airport around 11pm, i.e. in about nine hours time. Anyone reading this, please send positive thoughts!


  1. Oh the poor babies! But once they see you again, they will be so happy they will have forgotten all about their trip. We are sending positive thoughts and can't wait to hear about the reunion in California!

  2. Thanks for the positive thoughts. SO relieved it's all over. Never thought we'd get to this stage!