Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look, no screwworms

We took the four dogs to the vet this morning to be checked for screwworm. Of course, we knew they didn't have it, but we need a certificate saying so that is dated within five days of their travel to the US. Daisy did not appreciate having the microchip scanner waved over her head and went for a bit of a nip which was a shame. We should've known better. She was the first one and we were more careful with the other three, and there were no problems. Roxy behaved extremely well given that she usually barks at strangers and snaps at vets. Louis was much improved too, although quite nervous. Much better than a few months ago though. Bertie was the best behaved, as usual, although he did bark at the water delivery guy and scare him half to death! Back home with four tired, hot dogs now. Twenty hours only now till they get picked up by the kennels. Hard to believe.


  1. Good luck to all of you in your move! I'm crossing my claws, paws and tail for you all (human, feline and canine anipals). Let us know how it goes!