Friday, August 28, 2009

Three out of four with three days to go

Major result! Roxy, Bertie and Daisy (l to r) are now all going into the boxes and waiting calmly with the doors shut. No luck with Louis yet though. When we tried to lead him in he started trembling violently and got really scared, so we didn't push him. He went in later of his own accord but we're still not at door closing stage. On Monday when they are picked up, their boxes will be loaded into the van first, and then the dogs are supposedly going to jump up into the van and go into the dog boxes. That's so not going to happen! Poor cats, we'll keep them in the house till the dogs are sorted, then quickly load them. Then it's goodbye as all 10 head for the Ministry Vet to get their health certificates, on to the kennels for the rest of the day, and then the airport around 10pm. Cannot believe we are nearly at that stage!

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