Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cats in the box

The flights have been booked. No going back now! Luckily the dog box training is going great. We had to 'incentivise' (aka bribe) them with sausages in the end as they wouldn't go in for their boring old biscuits. Smart dogs will only work for something if it's really worth it! Bertie and Daisy have been going right in from the start, but Roxy and Louis were a lot more reticent, not liking to put their paws on the red stuff. But now they are both going all the way in too. Result! This weekend we are going to see if we can briefly shut the doors and hope that Louis doesn't completely flip out.

Meantime, Spencer and Finlay love the dog boxes, whether they're in them or on them. Daisy doesn't seem to mind either.
Mini Me, ever the individual, has her own ideas about the kind of box she'd like to travel in.

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