Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cautiously optimistic

Brought Jeffrey home a couple of days ago, fully rehydrated. He proceeded to spend the next 24 hours under the duvet, refusing to eat and drink. We were worried sick. However, a call to the vet confirmed that his recent blood test results had shown a 50% improvement in kidney values to what they were three days ago, which the vet was extremely happy with. What a relief. All we had to do now was get him to eat. Amazingly, later the day after he got home, he started to show an interest in eating and drinking miniscule amounts, even before I gave him the anti-nausea meds and appetite stimulants prescribed by the vet. So very happy!!

Aside from that, Jeffrey is back to his usual self, loud, chatty, demanding and affectionate, and has been out and about exploring his new house, which he didn’t really get a chance to see before. He is bony and skinny, but gradually showing more interest in food and water and eating small amounts, especially if we hand deliver them to him.

So, so far so good. We just need him to hang in there, eat more and more, get strong, stay hydrated and start to enjoy his new life in California. Have to give the vet a call on Sunday to give him an update. Let’s hope we can keep Jeffrey fit, healthy and strong for a long time to come yet.

Meantime, the other cats are leaving him alone which is great as we don’t want him to have any extra stress at the moment. They are all getting to know each other a little better!

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