Monday, September 21, 2009

Trial and error

Patience is a virtue. Methods we've tried so far to get Jeffrey to take his meds:
  1. Epakitin powder stuffed into empty pill capsule, azodyl already in capsule form, then loaded into pill popper - Fail (capsule breaks/major biting or scratching/vomits immediately/powder goes everywhere)
  2. Mixed in food - Fail (won't eat it)
  3. Mixed with tuna water and syringed down throat - Fail (major biting or scratching/goes everywhere except down his neck/makes him gag/vomit)
  4. Mixed with dry food and enclosed in a ziplock bag all night so the food absorbs the powder - Fail (won't touch it)
  5. Mixed with veal flavour babyfood to make a paste and spread on fur when he's calm and not really aware of what you're doing - SUCCESS! (sometimes goes all over the place but usually he licks it off - at least he's getting most of it)
It's taken us about a week to get to this point after much anguish, distress, frustration and stress for everyone. It also took several days to find a couple of foods that he really loves, so now he is eating without the anti-nausea meds or the appetite stimulant. This is much more than we could have hoped for just over a week ago when he was so thin and refusing to eat. He's a tough boy from the street though, we wouldn't have expected him to give up so easily. Great to see him up and about again. Go Jeffrey! And a huge thank you to all our friends on Twitter who provided the most incredible support network at a time when we'd just all arrived in a new country and barely knew anyone. You made it all so much easier to bear, and we got there in the end!


  1. The mixing of medication with veal flavour babyfood to make a paste and spread on fur is a brilliant idea. Must remember it for future reference.

  2. It really took a lot of heartache to get to that point though, would not want to go through it again!