Sunday, September 13, 2009


Daisy and Roxy have both had their first solo trail walking training sessions now. Both excelled, surprisingly. When all four are together they behave very badly when they see other dogs/people, but individually they are model dogs. Roxy stuck close to me almost the whole time and, whenever she dawdled for a sniff, came running as soon as I called her. Even when faced with two people and their two dogs she did nothing, just stayed close to me. Very proud of her!

Daisy was a bit more adventurous and went off-trail a few times, so I started using the clicker to keep her closer which seemed to work. She also had a lesson in socialisation from two very nice dogs and their three people, and did really well. She was a little scared and overwhelmed but behaved beautifully with the dogs, and totally ignored the people. So two out of two so far. Tomorrow it'll be Louis and Bertie's turns.

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