Monday, September 14, 2009

Off-roading II

Let the dogs out early this morning while I went for a run and they barked almost the whole time because they could see me up on the trail. I knew the neighbours would be annoyed and one was lying in wait for me when I got back to tell me "we can't have this". Had to grovel quite a bit. Oops!!

A bit later I took Bertie out for his first solo walk down the canyon and he was fine, except he barked at one guy who I hadn't seen. The guy stopped and Bertie stopped (luckily) so I just told Bertie to wait, which he did, clipped the lead on and apologised to the guy. I'm sure he must be someone famous, I think I recognised him. Anyway, he looked annoyed, but said it was okay. God this is stressful. Other than that Bertie was great, didn't run off or anything. We didn't meet any other dogs.

Next was Louis who I kept on a long line. We met a couple with three dogs on the way in and their friendly big black dog came up to Louis, who snarled at him and got a bit aggressive. I told them he was very nervous and they were fine about it, telling their dog he needed to learn to read signals and understand if someone didn't want to be friends. We didn't meet anyone else with Louis which is a shame really. Early days though. Usually he doesn't really react to other people or dogs and, if anything, enjoys their company. Maybe he's still a bit stressed.

Next was Daisy. We met a very nice older couple with two Labs. I asked if I could let her off the lead which they were fine with, and told them her story. They were really nice about it, and Daisy coped well with the other dogs, if a bit scared. We met another woman with two dogs
and Daisy was offlead and fine with her dogs too.

Finally Roxy. Surprisingly, she has been the best! We met a guy on a bike with a dog, and also the same woman who we'd seen with Daisy was still there with her two dogs, and Roxy was great. She ignored the dogs mostly although she snarled when one came too close, and the dog backed off so it was fine. I told the woman about the situation and she was very happy to bear with us while we do the training. So we have had quite good success.

The girl dogs have now had two individual outings each, the boys only one so far. Bertie will go on the morning walk with the neighbours and their dogs tomorrow, and I'll probably take Louis back down the canyon in the evening. The chronic lack of socialisation they have as a hangover from Dubai can certainly be painful, but the only way is to work through it.

Jeffrey meanwhile is doing good. He's eating and drinking well, though still sleeping a lot. Today he was really feisty and would not let me give him his pills so I had to give up but will have to try later. Can't wait. At least he likes his new drinking fountain which is good seeing as it cost $54. I spoke to the vet today who is going to prescribe two more lots of meds for him. What joy!

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