Saturday, September 19, 2009


The dogs have been doing great with their training out on the trails. Daisy, Bertie and Roxy are already offlead, but Louis is still on the long line as I'm not sure we'll ever trust him again after he bolted last year and we lost him for 48 hours. But he's doing well nonetheless, although he hasn't been too keen on the other dogs we've met. The other three have been nervous around other dogs, but behaved well, and the owners have all been great, very friendly and supportive, and fascinated by the story of The Barmy Army (with one notable exception who seemed to think the alpha roll was still an acceptable dog training 'method'. Note - just because Cesar does it does not mean it is okay! It's immoral, aversive, unethical and belongs firmly in the dark ages, from where it originates).

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