Thursday, September 10, 2009

First vet visit

After three days in California everyone was doing great, except Jeffrey and Finlay who had still shown no signs of improvement. Jeffrey had not eaten since he arrived, and Finlay was still hiding in a cupboard. When he did venture out, could not walk properly. So it was time to try to locate a vet on Labor Day weekend. The local one was closed of course, but we managed to locate the SoCal Vet Hospital in Woodland Hills who were just amazing.

It appears that Finlay was so stressed out by the journey that he’d licked his leg red raw and it had got infected. Antibiotics, a cortisone shot and some cream have sorted him out a treat and he’s back to his normal self now.

Jeffrey has not fared so well. He had got so dehydrated on the flight that his kidney values were sky high. The vet muttered something about kidney failure, which was rather terrifying. We tried to give him IV fluids at home but he was having none of it, so we had no option but to take him back to the vet the next day so they could sedate him to do it. He’s been there ever since.

Poor Jeffrey, he looked so sad when I went to visit him there yesterday and he was pretty cranky too. He’s had a go at the staff quite a few times and has got himself a bit of a reputation. At least he still has that fighting spirit! He’s looking a lot better now he’s rehydrated. A few days ago you could see all his bones sticking out. Tonight they are going to redo his bloods so we’ll know if there’s any kidney damage and, if so, how severe. Meantime, he hasn’t eaten for a week, although he did eat one mouthful of tuna yesterday when I went to visit him. If he doesn’t eat then we have a big problem, irrespective of what his renal function is like. Desperately hoping for the best right now.

Jeffrey at the vet (left) and Finlay's leg

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  1. thank you for sharing. Poor little guys. They've been through a lot. Hope they get better. Purrs. (signed): Smokey8 fr Twitter